Sell your old games and trading cards

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Did you know that at we also buy collections, games, consoles, collect cards such as Pokémon / YU Gi OH / Magic and / or other game-related items?

Do you have something you would like to offer us?

Feel free to visit us and we'll check it out.

(this is the easiest option to check with maps)

is it not convenient to come by?

Feel free to send a photo by email or WhatsApp:

- Email address:

- Phone number: +31651064977

Do not forget to mention whether you can send it or bring it to Spijkenisse (or at one of the markets where we are located).

We will send you a message as soon as possible on working days (within 24 hours) with an offer for your item(s).

Please note, due to the large increase via WhatsApp on cards, we cannot answer everything correctly on cards.

The best thing about cards is to visit us at the office (also possible by appointment)

You can also use WhatsApp for games and game computers

Sincerely, the 2HG team.