Skies over Felucia
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Skies over Felucia

\"Experience the vibrant and mystical world of Felucia with the Skies over Felucia Disney Infinity figure. Join your favorite Disney characters as they embark on thrilling adventures, battling through lush foliage, vibrant skies, and encountering curious creatures. Expand your Disney Infinity collection and explore this enchanting planet like never before!\"


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\"Embark on an awe-inspiring adventure with Disney Infinity: Skies over Felucia. Step into the fantastical world of Star Wars as you take to the skies and explore the vibrant and mystical planet of Felucia. Engage in heart-pounding aerial battles, dodging towering flora and mesmerizing bioluminescent creatures. Feel the exhilaration of piloting iconic starships, from X-Wings to TIE Fighters, as you navigate through Felucia\'s treacherous canopies and winding rivers. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this otherworldly paradise, where every twist and turn reveals a kaleidoscope of colors and wonders. Skies over Felucia in Disney Infinity is a celestial journey that will leave you spellbound, a testament to the boundless imagination of the Star Wars universe.\"
Star Wars
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