42 Spel Klassiekers
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42 Spel Klassiekers - DS

42 Spel Klassiekers - DS

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42 Game Classics

Product description

42 Game Classics is the newest title in Nintendos Touch! Generations series. As the title suggests, this Game Card offers access to no less than 42 classic games, such as chess, poker, solitaire, darts and snooker, where the Touch Screen is used to control these and many other games easily and efficiently. No more hassle with clumsy game boards or lost cards, with the Nintendo DS players can enjoy timeless gaming anywhere and anytime. The games are all suitable for a single player, but can also be played wirelessly against relatives or friends in the area. A maximum of seven friends can be played via a local network. Most games also offer the possibility to record it via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection against players from other cities or other countries. The results of all games are kept in a handy overview, so that players can see at a glance how often they have won or lost a game. 42 Game Classics features a built-in PictoChat feature, allowing players to interact with other players while playing by receiving and sending messages. For example, if friends play a game of poker, they can exchange messages to bluff over the cards in their hand

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