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10 voor Taal

10 for Language

Product description

For many years, the '10 for Language 'game show in the Netherlands and Flanders has become a real crowd puller, with an average of 700,000 viewers per episode.Now young and old can test their language skills themselves with 10 for language on Nintendo DS and PC.In addition to the familiar TV game design, the game contains many new, challenging game variants, guaranteed for hours of fun.

10 For Language consists of various parts.So you have to guess words based on different cryptic descriptions or point out the error in a sentence.In the different available game modes you have to compete for points or time.This is often more difficult than you would initially think.

10 for Language can also be played with several people via a wireless connection.That offers more than enough possibilities to test your knowledge of the Dutch language!


Product description

The fantasy-puzzle game "4 Elements" offers a magical mix of ' match three ', ' hidden object ' and search-the-differences game play. All these popular jigsaw shapes come together in a fantastic fairy tale for young and old!

In ' 4 Elements ' is the old Kingdom in danger! The magic of the four elements that kept the Kingdom ages in balance is disturbed by evil powers and the altars can no longer continue the energy of life. It is now up to you to the 4 historical books of magic and collect 16 mysterious cards that help you to the Kingdom back to life.

Experience a fascinating storyline with stunning animations in ' 4 Elements '. Combine symbols in matches of three, find the hidden objects in a playing field or find the differences between two images: in ' 4 Elements ' you never know what you get dished!

Experience original puzzle action in ' 4 Elements ' on the Nintendo DS!


7 Wonders II (los spel)


Product description

Experience the revamped gameplay of ' 7 Wonders II '. ' 7 Wonders II ' takes you to the past and gives you one simple command; build the seven wonders of the world after. This adventure shows you amazing creations, including Stonehenge in the United Kingdom and the Taj Mahal in India.

To make this world make miracles, you will of course have to do something. There have to be fitted together on the Nintendo DS. Put stones next to each other and play all kinds of sites free!

' 7 Wonders II ' offers the same gameplay as its predecessor, but then expanded with new power-ups. All very puzzling you need three stones of the same color combine to ensure that the world wonder can be built. Puzzle your way through 49 levels packed with colours and challenge!

' 7 Wonders II ' combines addictive puzzle action with a funny story in which the seven wonders of the world. Puzzle your way to the most beautiful buildings in ' 7 Wonders II '!


Product description

In Actionloop a line of colored balls revolves around you.You accidentally get a ball in a certain color and you have to shoot it on the line.As soon as you shoot on the line, the colored ball you shoot will land in the line.If three evenly colored balls are next to each other, they are removed.The goal is to remove the whole line.

Actionloop contains a number of modes including Challenge Mode, Quest Mode and Versus Mode.In Versus Mode you can compete against a friend, and different power-ups make it difficult for your friend to make it difficult for you.This makes it possible to make sections of the screen of the opponent disappear into smoke.


Product description

Animal Paradise lets you be best friends with the animals on the farm. You can get them feeding, cleaning, she exhausts and play with them. It is important that you are well taken care of and she is satisfied. Each animal has other favorite food. Give them the right food and they will be happier.

If the animals happy then you will remain friends with the animals and that gives you Uncle and his assistant the opportunity to take beautiful pictures of them. You can collect these pictures in your photo album and stop. There are a total of eighteen different animals you can meet friends, with which you can hit and that you can photograph.


Battle.s Of The Prince Of Persia

Battle.s Of The Prince Of Persia

Product description

The Prince of Persia makes its debut on the Nintendo DS and does so with all the trump cards! In an attempt to settle with the Dahaka - the creature that chased him in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - the prince accidentally escaped an ancient evil that caused war between Persia and India. To prevent a catastrophe, you have to use various army units and troops in strategic campaigns that you carry out by means of blistering card battles. You will have to play smart if you want to survive this Eastern night ...