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Supreme Victors

The Pokemon Trading Card Game: Supreme Victors is the third expansion of the Diamond and Pearl series. This set contains over 130 cards, including powerful Pokemon-EX, rare and Ultra rare cards, and new Trainer cards. It features a variety of new Pokemon, such as Luxray GL LV.X, Garchomp C LV.X, and Crobat G LV.X. The set also includes new Trainer cards such as Poké Turn, Warp Point, and Team Galactic's Wager. Supreme Victors also introduces the new SP Pokemon, which are powerful versions of existing Pokemon. These cards are represented by a special symbol and are usually only available as holofoil cards. The set also includes the first-ever Mitsuhiro Arita cards, featuring artwork by the famous Japanese illustrator. Supreme Victors is a great set for both new and experienced players, and it is sure to add excitement to any game.