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Pokémon Aquapolis is a trading card game released by Nintendo in 2002. It was the eighth expansion to the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the first to be released in both Japanese and English. It features over 130 cards, including new Pokémon, Trainer cards, Energy cards, and Stadium cards. Aquapolis is designed to be used in combination with other Pokémon TCG expansions. The Aquapolis cards feature illustrations of various Pokémon and other creatures, as well as Trainer cards, Energy cards, and Stadium cards. The expansion includes Pokémon from the Hoenn region, including Kecleon, Wailord, and more. The set also contains Pokémon-ex cards, which feature stronger versions of existing cards. The Trainer cards feature a variety of strategies, from drawing extra cards to healing your Pokémon. The Energy cards provide the necessary energy to use attacks. Finally, the Stadium cards provide a number of different effects, from increasing power to changing the rules of the game. Overall, Pokemon Aquapolis provides a great variety of cards for players of all levels. The set contains cards for both beginners and experienced players, as well as for those who want to build decks to compete in tournaments. Whether you're looking to build up a powerful deck or just want to collect cards.