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Battle Styles

The Pokémon Battle Styles card series is the latest set of cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Featuring powerful new Pokémon VMAX and Pokémon V alongside Full Art Trainer cards and stunning artwork, this set is sure to be a hit with Pokémon fans. The set includes over 200 cards featuring fan favorite Pokémon from the Galar region. These cards feature a variety of different battle styles, giving players the opportunity to create decks that play to their own unique strategies. Pokémon VMAX cards are the biggest and most powerful cards in the set and feature amazing 3D art. There are also Pokémon V cards, which are slightly weaker than Pokémon VMAX but still have great attacks. Full Art Trainer cards are also included in the set, featuring full art illustrations of the trainers and their Pokémon. The set also introduces the new mechanic of Pokémon Battle Styles. This mechanic allows players to customize their decks by adding cards that focus on one of three battle styles: Swift Strike, Rapid Strike, or Single Strike. Each style has different advantages and disadvantages, and players can mix and match these styles to create powerful decks. Finally, the set also includes a selection of special Energy cards. These cards can be used to power up attacks or to search for specific Pokémon in your deck.