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Fates Collide

Pokemon Fates Collide is a trading card game released in the summer of 2016. The set consists of over 120 cards featuring new Pokemon, new Trainer cards and powerful new Pokemon-EX and Mega Pokemon-EX. It is the twelfth expansion of the XY Series of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The set focuses on the Legendary Pokemon Zygarde, who appears in many cards as both a full-art foil and as a regular card. Players can also find new versions of previously released Pokemon-EX, such as Garchomp-EX, Yveltal-EX and Xerneas-EX. Some cards feature new Abilities, such as the new Team Magma and Team Aqua Abilities, which can be used to power up your Pokemon. The set also includes a new Theme Deck, which contains cards from Fates Collide as well as cards from previous expansions. Players can also find a new set of Trainer cards to help them build their decks. Overall, the Fates Collide set is a great addition to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, offering players new cards and powerful abilities. With its focus on Zygarde and other powerful Pokemon-EX, Fates Collide is sure to be a hit with fans of the game.