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The Pokémon Stormfront series is a trading card game developed by The Pokémon Company and released in 2008. The series consists of 110 cards featuring Pokémon from the Diamond and Pearl series. The set also contains a variety of theme decks, booster packs, and promotional cards. The theme decks in the Pokémon Stormfront series include the Diamond Storm Deck, the Pearl Storm Deck, the Eevee Evolution Deck, and the Lucario Evolution Deck. Each theme deck contains 60 cards, a rulebook, and a playing mat. The booster packs contain 10 random cards from the series. The promotional cards in the Pokémon Stormfront series include the Lucario GX promo card and the Eeveelutions GX promo card. These special cards can be acquired through events or special promotional offers. The Pokémon Stormfront cards are designed to enhance game play and create an exciting experience for Pokémon fans. The cards feature detailed artwork and a variety of game mechanics to make game play more interactive and strategic.