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Pokemon Generations is a card series based on the popular video game franchise "Pokemon". The cards feature characters from the many generations of the Pokemon series and are designed to be used in the trading card game, Pokemon Trading Card Game. Each card in the Pokemon Generations series has a unique design and features artwork and information about the featured character. The cards have a 3-D effect and are printed on high quality cardstock. The cards feature a variety of Pokemon, including starters, legendary, and mythical Pokemon. The cards also have special abilities and attacks that can be used in the game. The Pokemon Generations cards are collectible and can be traded or sold between players. Players can also use the cards to battle one another in the game, using the different abilities and attacks featured on each card. The cards can also be used in tournaments and other events. The Pokemon Generations card series is a great way for Pokemon fans to stay connected to their favorite characters and to the world of Pokemon. The cards are a great way to enjoy the game and to get the most out of your Pokemon collection.