The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is a home video game console released by Nintendo in 1985. It was the first console of the Nintendo Family Computer platform and became a global phenomenon, selling over 61 million units worldwide. The NES was the first console to use a cartridges as its primary storage medium and it was also the first console to feature the iconic 8-bit CPU.

The NES comes with a controller that consists of an 8 directional pad, two action buttons (A & B) and a Start and Select button. The console is compatible with a wide range of accessories such as the Zapper Light Gun, the R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) and the NES Satellite. The NES also supports a wide range of peripherals such as the Power Pad, the NES Max and the NES Advantage.

The NES library contains a wide array of classic games such as Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Duck Hunt, Metroid, Excitebike, Ice Climber and more. These titles are highly sought after by collectors.

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