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Emerging Powers

Pokemon: Emerging Powers is the fourth expansion from the Black & White series of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This set features over 90 cards that bring the total of the Black & White series to over 190 cards. The set focuses on the evolution of the Pokemon world, introducing a variety of new characters, moves, and strategies. The set introduces several new mechanics, including the introduction of Special Energy cards. These cards allow players to use a variety of strategies to customize their decks. In addition, the set also introduces the new Dual Type Pokemon, which have two types instead of one. This allows them to use attacks and abilities from both types, creating more strategic possibilities in the game. The set also features a variety of rare and powerful cards, including the first-ever Shining Pokemon, which are incredibly rare and powerful cards. The set also introduces several Legendary Pokemon, powerful cards that are incredibly rare and difficult to obtain. The set also includes a variety of new Trainer cards and Supporter cards, which allow players to customize their decks even further. These cards can provide powerful effects, allowing players to gain an advantage in battle. The set also includes a variety of booster packs, which can be used to acquire random cards to add to a deck.