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EX Power Keepers

Pokémon EX Power Keepers is a trading card game produced by The Pokémon Company that was released in February 2007. It is the third expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the first to feature cards from the Pokémon EX series. The set contains over 130 cards, including 54 EX cards. The set features several new mechanics and game features, such as the introduction of Pokémon-EX cards, which are more powerful versions of existing Pokémon. These cards feature a special Pokémon-EX symbol as well as higher HP and more powerful attacks. The set also introduces the new Power Keepers mechanic, which allows players to use special cards to increase the strength of their Pokémon. Other new features include the introduction of the Triple Strike attack, which allows players to use three attacks in a single turn, and the Ability Star mechanic, which allows players to use the abilities of their Pokémon-EX cards more effectively. The set also features several theme decks, which are pre-constructed decks designed to introduce players to the game. Each theme deck comes with a booster pack of cards from the EX Power Keepers set, as well as a rulebook and game mat. The set also includes a number of promotional cards, which are available through various tournaments and events.