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Unified Minds

The Pokemon Unified Minds card series is a collectible card game produced by The Pokemon Company International. It is the 13th expansion set of the Sun & Moon series and the first expansion set from the Sword & Shield series. It was released on August 2, 2019. The set consists of over 210 cards and features many new additions to the game. It includes new Tag Team Pokemon-GX cards that feature two Pokemon in one card, as well as new Ultra Beasts, Supporter cards and Stadium cards. Unified Minds also includes a variety of new Trainer cards, Energy cards, and Special Energy cards. The set also includes several special cards, such as secret rare and ultra rare cards. Many of the cards feature alternate art versions, and some of the cards feature new mechanics, such as the Ability and GX attacks. Unified Minds is a great set for both beginners and advanced players. It allows new players to easily get into the game and offers experienced players more variety and exciting new strategies.