SEGA is a game console company that has been producing gaming consoles since 1983. Throughout the years, SEGA has released many different consoles that have become iconic gaming systems. SEGA Genesis (1989): The SEGA Genesis was one of SEGAs most popular consoles ever. It was a 16-bit console and was the first to offer backward compatibility with SEGAs older 8-bit consoles. It featured many popular SEGA games, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter II. SEGA Saturn (1994): The SEGA Saturn was SEGAs 32-bit console and was the first to feature a CD-ROM drive. It was also the first to offer online gaming capabilities. Popular SEGA Saturn games include Virtua Fighter and Panzer Dragoon. SEGA Dreamcast (1998): The SEGA Dreamcast was the last console released by SEGA. It was a 128-bit console and was the first to feature online gaming capabilities. Some of the most popular Dreamcast games included Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur. SEGA Game Gear (1990): The SEGA Game Gear was SEGAs portable console. It was a 8-bit system that featured a color LCD screen.