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Steam Siege

The Pokemon XY Steam Siege card series is a set of cards based on the sixth generation of the popular Pokemon video game franchise. It was released in August 2016 and consists of over 120 cards. The set features a variety of Pokemon from the Kalos region as well as some new Mega Evolutions and Ancient Traits. It also includes many new Trainer and Stadium cards, adding to the game's variety and strategy. The set focuses on two main themes: steam and siege. The "Steam" element is represented by the Metal-type Pokemon, which can be found in the set. On the other hand, the "Siege" element is represented by the Fighting-type Pokemon, which are used to battle against the Metal-type. The set also includes several new mechanics, such as "Sky Field" and "Parallel City", which allow players to manipulate the battlefield and switch out their Pokemon. Additionally, the set introduces a new type of card called "Special Energy", which can be used to power up certain Pokemon. Overall, the Pokemon XY Steam Siege card series is an exciting and varied set of cards that adds a new level of strategy to the game. With its unique themes and mechanics, it's sure to be a hit with Pokemon