Atari 7800 Games

Sentinel (losse cassette)
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Sentinel (loose cassette) for the Atari 7800 is an exhilarating journey into the unknown, where you must navigate through a treacherous and ancient alien landscape. As a brave space explorer, your mission is to defeat the powerful Sentinel, an otherworldly being determined to destroy your civilization. Equipped with cutting-edge weapons and upgrades, you\'ll face mind-bending challenges, clever puzzles, and heart-pounding battles. With stunning graphics and immersive sound, Sentinel will transport you into a captivating sci-fi world, where every decision counts. Can you outsmart the Sentinel and save humanity? The fate of the universe is in your hands.
Tutankham (losse cassette)
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Embark on an epic archaeological adventure with Tutankham for Atari 2600/7800! Dive into the mysterious and treacherous tombs of ancient Egypt as you play the role of a brave explorer, determined to uncover the secrets of the Pharaoh. Navigate through intricate mazes, avoid deadly traps, and face off against terrifying creatures lurking in the shadows. With its captivating graphics and immersive gameplay, Tutankham guarantees hours of excitement and challenge. Can you decipher the hieroglyphics and unlock the hidden treasures? Get ready to rewrite history in this classic Atari game of exploration and discovery!
Reactor (Game Only) - Atari 2600
Reactor takes you on an electrifying journey to save the world from a catastrophic nuclear meltdown! As the sole engineer in charge of a malfunctioning nuclear reactor, you must quickly navigate a maze of deadly obstacles and repair the reactor before it\'s too late. Use your lightning-fast reflexes to dodge deadly particles, disintegrate menacing drones, and collect valuable energy orbs to restore stability. With its immersive graphics and heart-pounding gameplay, Reactor guarantees an adrenaline-fueled experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Can you harness the power of Reactor and prevent a nuclear disaster? The fate of humanity rests in your hands!