Disney - Frozen: Mystery Egg (6 to collect)
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Disney - Frozen: Mystery Egg (6 to collect)

Embark on an icy adventure with the Disney - Frozen: Mystery Egg! Crack open the magical egg and discover which of the six enchanting mystery minis you\'ve brought to life. Will you meet the daring Elsa, mischievous Olaf, or the lovable Sven? Unveil the mystery, collect them all, and let the Frozen fever take over your imagination!


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Embark on a magical journey with the Disney - Frozen: Mystery Egg collection! Step into the enchanting world of Arendelle as you unwrap these delightful surprises. Each egg holds a secret, waiting to be discovered by eager fans of all ages.\n\nFeel the thrill of anticipation as you hold the beautifully crafted egg in your hands, adorned with elegant snowflake patterns and shimmering with a touch of icy sparkle. Gently crack open the shell to reveal a wondrous surprise hidden within.\n\nWith six unique eggs to collect, the excitement never ends. Will you uncover the fearless and determined Elsa, with her icy powers ready to unleash? Or perhaps the loyal and lovable snowman Olaf, spreading warmth and laughter wherever he goes.\n\nBut the surprises don\'t stop there! Open the egg to reveal a set of charming accessories, perfectly tailored to each character. From Anna\'s royal tiara to Kristoff\'s trusty sled, these detailed pieces will transport you straight into the heart of the Frozen adventure.\n\nCreate your own magical storylines and recreate iconic scenes from the beloved movie with these collectible treasures. Display them proudly on your shelf or bring them to life during imaginative play. The possibilities are as limitless as Elsa\'s powers!\n\nIndulge in the excitement of the unknown with the Disney - Frozen: Mystery Egg collection. Uncover the enchantment, embrace the wonder, and let the magic of Arendelle captivate your heart.
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