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The fantasy-puzzle game "4 Elements" offers a magical mix of ' match three ', ' hidden object ' and search-the-differences game play. All these popular jigsaw shapes come together in a fantastic fairy tale for young and old!

In ' 4 Elements ' is the old Kingdom in danger! The magic of the four elements that kept the Kingdom ages in balance is disturbed by evil powers and the altars can no longer continue the energy of life. It is now up to you to the 4 historical books of magic and collect 16 mysterious cards that help you to the Kingdom back to life.

Experience a fascinating storyline with stunning animations in ' 4 Elements '. Combine symbols in matches of three, find the hidden objects in a playing field or find the differences between two images: in ' 4 Elements ' you never know what you get dished!

Experience original puzzle action in ' 4 Elements ' on the Nintendo DS!


7 Wonders II (los spel)


Product description

Experience the revamped gameplay of ' 7 Wonders II '. ' 7 Wonders II ' takes you to the past and gives you one simple command; build the seven wonders of the world after. This adventure shows you amazing creations, including Stonehenge in the United Kingdom and the Taj Mahal in India.

To make this world make miracles, you will of course have to do something. There have to be fitted together on the Nintendo DS. Put stones next to each other and play all kinds of sites free!

' 7 Wonders II ' offers the same gameplay as its predecessor, but then expanded with new power-ups. All very puzzling you need three stones of the same color combine to ensure that the world wonder can be built. Puzzle your way through 49 levels packed with colours and challenge!

' 7 Wonders II ' combines addictive puzzle action with a funny story in which the seven wonders of the world. Puzzle your way to the most beautiful buildings in ' 7 Wonders II '!


Product description

The Bladers are back for the World Beyblading Championships in Beyblade: Metal Fusion! Do you have what it takes to be the best Beyblader in the world?

Beyblade: Metal Fusion leaves you with a team fighting against enemies Beybladers. Choose the right Beyblade and customize it on your strategy to the winner. You will need to choose both offensive as defensive properties. In addition, each Beyblade about a special attack to the opponent to inflict massive damage!

In the story mode of Beyblade: Metal Fusion you go with the characters from the animated series. In the adventure come numerous characters and locations beyond that fans of the series will recognize right away!

Beyblade: Metal Fusion contains a battle mode in which players can fight against each other. This can happen in teams or individually. The arenas in which the battles take place can be adjusted to the Beyblades even better to come!

The hype now comes to game computers thanks to Beyblade: Metal Fusion on Nintendo DS!


Increase your brain power with the only game series to improve the concentration using the "right brain development theory" by renowned researcher Makoto Shichida. Beta waves emitted by your brain are often associated with active concentration and busy thinking. The challenging main play in Boost Beta brain wave will help develop your mental muscle, so you can reach your full potential right brain!


Brain Boost: Gamma Wave (los spel)

Boost your brain power with the only game series designed to improve concentration by using the "right brain development theory" of renowned researcher Makoto Shichida. Gamma waves emitted by your brain are often associated with problem-solving and perception. The challenging head games in Brain Boost Gamma Wave will help develop your mental muscle so you can reach your full right brain potential! 


Product description
Dr. Kawashima's sister Brain Training: "How Old Is Your Brain?" is the latest phenomenon from Japan for the Nintendo DS that switching to Europe. Are you not tired and stimulate your brain games that you would like your gray cells, then train more Brain Training your salvation. The tests in this game are made in collaboration with Dr. Kawashima, a renowned neuroscientist. With Brain Training both your mental skills as you train your memory. Love the DS vertically in your hand, like a book, and write your answers with the stylus on the Touch Screen. The tests are quick challenges that help to stimulate your brain. You get a combination of tests presented in the categories of arithmetic, reading and memory training and the program calculates your score in the form of a "brain age" by the speed and precision with which you these simple tasks. In Japan there are already more than 1.4 million copies of this program sold and gets both old and young enough. That is no wonder, because it has been demonstrated that this game every day only a few minutes to play, parts of the brain related to thinking, creativity and concentration. Would you like to train your brain, start at Brain Training!

Let your own training program

Use the built-in calendar to keep track of your progress

Results are displayed in clear graphs

Get good scores e


Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects (los spel)

After you defeated the Mutant King, the Mutant Queen created a new land from the core of the Earth where she controls the other giant insects at her will. Complete 10 new missions, fight your enemies and liberate the Scorpion Champion in order to defeat the Queen. Customise your giant insect, equip it with special powers and enhance your abilities. Challenge your friends who have the Nintendo DS version of the game to duels. Are you strong enough to win this Combat of Giants? Please note that elements of this software may have been featured in previously released software.


Crosswords for Everyone!

Choose from more than a thousand crossword puzzles or hone your word skills with Wordsearch or Anagrams. No matter which type of puzzle you choose, you can easily save your progress at any time and return later to finish. Crosswords DS is designed for all players—just select your difficulty level and start off with a basic four-by-four puzzle. As you progress, the game will increase in difficulty and puzzle size. Use the DS stylus like a pencil to write or circle your answers on the touch-control screen. Erasing mistakes is as simple as writing the new answer over the old one. A hint system is also included in case you need some friendly assistance.

In Crosswords DS, you'll find puzzles perfect for everyone regardless of age or experience. Exercise your word skills in more than a thousand touch-control word puzzles to challenge every skill level.

  • Crosswords DS offers crossword puzzles at multiple skill levels to engage any player, all controlled with the Nintendo DS stylus. Simply use the stylus to write your answers on the touch screen. Erase your mistakes with a quick tap on the screen, or write new answers directly over old ones.
  • An interactive hint system helps you move along at your own pace. For particularly puzzling problems, tap the "Hint" button to receive an additional clue, reveal a letter or have the word solved for you—the choice is yours.
  • The wordplay doesn't stop with crosswords. "Wordsearch" challenges you to find words hidden among random letters, while "Anagrams" will stretch your imagination to see how many words you can assemble from a group of letters. 

Product description
Marineland is in danger! To the water park from the hands of an unscrupulous multinational, that you care for thirty different endangered species on your take. Are you ready for the mad fun of Dolphin Island?

Dolphin Island contains numerous underwater animals including dolphins, sharks, killer whales, penguins and turtles. By to feed them, they slowly stronger. In addition, you should try to tame the animals for fun shows!

In you the entire marine park Dolphin Island management. Keep an eye on the cleanliness and the proper function of your park to ensure the welfare of your little friends and newcomers welcome!

Try new attractions for you to get park to slowly getting bigger and bigger. Create impressive shows and learn your animals amazing tricks. In Dolphin Island learn your animals respond to a whistle, jump if you fish in the air throws or let them just play with a large balloon!


Guitar Hero on TouProduct description
In everyone is a rock star! Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades is a spectacular sequel to Guitar Hero: On Tour and a unique portable gaming experience for the Nintendo DS.

Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades takes you on a unique Rock 'n Roll travel

Of contemporary rock to the ' classic rock ' from the ' 70s; Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades takes you on a unique Rock 'n Roll trip. By using the revolutionary Guitar Hero Guitar Grip Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades the fans the opportunity-anywhere-to jam with their favorite songs. It is even possible to adjust your character to the spirit through flashy costumes and unique locations.r (los spel)


International Track & Field (los spel)

Product description

New International Track & Field was developed in honor of the 25th anniversary of the arcade game International Track & Field. The game features 24 events which are divided into a number of categories. So you need 100 metres sprinting, poolstokhoogspringen, 110 metres hurdles, shooting, cycling and many other sports do. All sports are played with the touch screen of the Nintendo DS. All sports can only be played, or against four others.

The athletes in New International Track & Field are familiar characters from various Konami games. Am thinking of Pyramid Head (Silent Hill), Frogger, Evil Rose (Rumble Roses), Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Sparkster (Rocket Knight Adventures), and Penta (Antarctic Adventure). The most famous game hero in this game, however, is Solid Snake, the protagonist from the Metal Gear Solid games. Each athlete has unique skills that six specific mini games are dedicated.


Product description
The fourth part in the Jewel Quest series lets players quite puzzling. Not only that, also the story of Rupert Pack is told. On a quiet morning is the life of Rupert brute. Government agents storm the museum and take the Golden Jewel Board so beloved by him.

Evil Sebastian Grenard claims that the Golden Jewel Board a family heirloom and that he family is of the famous adventurer Hernan Cortes. Now it's up to you to the rightful owner of the showpiece. Therefore you all very puzzling on a trip along several tourist locations within Europe!

In Jewel Quest should be stones. 170 to play by play fields blank, bricks of the same color must be combined, to get further into the game. In different board types over, including Swap and Limited Jewels. In addition, the Expert Board quite challenging.

Are you wondering who is the rightful owner of the Golden Jewel Board? Are you willing to spend a lot of puzzling? Then this latest episode of the series is right for you!


Jewel Quest: Expedition (los spel)

Product description
The hit web game Jewel Quest is with the release of Jewel Quest: Expeditions no longer unique on the PC. The game is also available for the Nintendo DS. Can you collect all the jewels by good music on your Nintendo DS?

In this puzzle game is all about the puzzles. These puzzles will be joined by a simple story. Robert Pack is in Africa to 180 jewel boards. You must constantly shift jewelry in order to clear the way for Robert. If you have configured a row of jewels with an equal color, then disappear these stones.

In addition to the puzzles that you play on your own, there is also a multiplayer mode in the game stopped. So you can – thanks to a wireless connection-compete with your friends.


Product description
With ' Jewel Quest Mysteries ' you get two games for the price of one! This double package offers both ' Jewel Quest Mysteries ' as ' Mysteryville ', two fantastic search & find games!

In ' Jewel Quest Mysteries ' is supposed to be a list of objects in the game world. For example, you see the word ' lamp ' on your list and then you need a lamp in the world trying to find it. This sounds easy than it is and it works dangerous addictive. Before you know it, you into the wee hours the screen at the spot for that nasty comb or toothbrush!

In ' Jewel Quest Mysteries ' follow Rupert and Emma in their attempt to discover the hidden Jewel Board jewelry. ' Mysteryville ' takes place in a city where suddenly all kinds of things into nothing seem to disappear. You are a star reporter and must get to the bottom!

Experience delicious search & find-action in ' Jewel Quest Mysteries '!


Unique magic tricks - possible only on the Nintendo DS - stun your audience in to saying "How'd you do that?" Become the master of your DS as you learn, perform and amaze your friends and family. The secrets of magic are now yours to behold. Step-by-step tutorials let you unlock the mystery of more than 20 tricks. Three individual modes make this game fun solo or with friends. A “special” deck of cards packaged with the game creates a fully portable magic kit. Now the fun extends beyond your Nintendo DS. Interactive tricks make the DS your magic assistant. Draw; speak; tap; instruct; and blow in to the microphone to astonish your audience. The learning curve keeps growing: unlock new tricks as you advance in skill.


Max and the Magic Marker

Product description

Max and the Magic Marker is a two-dimensional puzzle adventure that completely revolves around the physical properties of various virtual objects. In this game you control a little boy named Max, and he has a big magic marker!

Max can jump and run, but his marker steals the show. Everything you draw in the game world can actually be something. It's supposed to be this way, solve puzzles and challenges to overcome.

It is incredibly fun to draw, that finds Max as well. When he gets a magic marker sent by post, Tom goes to work immediately. He draws a monster and suddenly comes the monster to life. The sample rent another count in where they're drawing destroyed. Of course, Max realizes that he must stop the monster, and therefore he draws himself in order to stop the Dragon!

Max and the Magic Marker is suitable for young and old!


Mindquiz (los spel)

Stimulate your brain with plenty of entertaining Mini-Games!

In Mind Quiz, you'll participate in 49 exercises that strengthen your brain muscles. Practice lessons and learning games will make you smarter as you build your abilities in calculation, reflex, judgement and memory.


• Get your own brain coach and improve your brain's abilities
• Improve the age of your brain and "Brain Stress Degree" with 16 different training exercises based on real scientific research
• Improve specific brain features by playing a big variety of minigames and compete against your friend 


Monster Bomber (los spel)

Monster Bomber (loose game)

Product description

Color, precision and speed are the three most important elements in this game that give a new twist to classic arcade gameplay. In Monster Bomber you have to charge colored balls and shoot them on the Touch Screen to get monsters in the same colors on the top screen. There are five different samples, each with its own color and its own characteristics. These unique characteristics ensure that you have to beat each sample in a slightly different way. To win a level you will have to destroy all monsters. If they reach you before you shoot them, it is "game over".

The game contains two single player modes. In Scenario you have to find your own way through more than twenty levels, each with multiple goals to achieve. The second single player mode is Survival where you have to destroy as many samples as possible. The game can also be played with four people in multiplayer mode. It is possible to do this with only one version of the game. To help you play, there are also "power-ups" that affect the playing field, the balls and the monsters. However, there are also "power-downs" that make it more difficult. You can also cause chain reactions, causing large numbers of samples to be destroyed in one fell swoop. In addition, the levels contain obstacles such as rotating walls and holes.


Product description

Mystery Case Files, MillionHeir is a simple but exciting observation game, exclusively developed for the portable game console Nintendo DS. In Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir, a mysterious storyline and search-and-find puzzles are combined into an adventure that everyone can enjoy. In a classic murder mystery, with a funny undertone that will appeal to all ages, the player gets into the skin of a detective who has to scrutinize detailed locations. By searching for clues and objects, the player has to find out who is the heir of a large mansion and a fortune of money. The locations that are visited seem at first sight quite normal, but first impressions are misleading. A closer inspection soon reveals that objects are concealed with great ingenuity. The player will see a list of objects that can be searched using the touchscreen. When searching for the objects, logical thought must be given. Does Spade mean a shovel in English, or should it be thought that a figure of a playing card is a spade bait, for example? If the player is right and finds the object, he can pick it up by simply tapping the touchscreen. As the player searches through the different locations and collects hidden objects and clues, the story develops further. Later in the game, tools can be found with which new parts of the game can be unlocked. For example, a torch can be found to illuminate dark areas or be blown into the Nintendo DS microphone to extinguish a fire behind which hidden objects can be located. For the real super detectives, there are also search-and-find puzzles that have to be solved within a certain time. The player's ability to watch is tested with different difficulty levels. The added opportunity to challenge up to four friends or family members ensures that this title guarantees hours of fun.


Need for Speed: Nitro (loose game)

Product description

Need For Speed: Nitro is a racing game for the Nintendo platforms, and can be labeled as 'arcade'.This means that colliding is certainly possible.Racing is therefore easy accessible and therefore ideal for the child-friendly game computers from Nintendo.

Need For Speed: Nitro allows players to compete against the police while earning extra bonus points with 320 kilometers per hour when you sneak through the corners.

On the Nintendo DS you can play Need For Speed: Nitro using the touchscreen and the buttons on the Nintendo DS.This allows the player to let his opponents bite dust.

As you are used to from the Need for Speed series, it is also possible in Need For Speed: Nitro to customize your car according to your needs.Some adjustments are only aesthetic, others affect the performance of your car.Need for Speed: Nitro is the ultimate racing game for Nintendo DS!


Ninja Reflex (losse cassette)

Product description

Become a ninja with 'Ninja Reflex'!The game uses a series of martial arts challenges to test you and measure your reaction time down to the millisecond.The better your ninja skills become, the sooner you will get that black belt from your own personal Sensei!

You can also challenge up to three friends for a heavy multiplayer battle in 'Ninja Reflex'.Make once and for all who is the best ninja of your group of friends!All mini-games use direct and realistic control made possible by the unique features of the Wii remote control.

'Ninja Reflex' contains six fun mini-games in which your ninja skills are put to the test.Throw with throwing stars, test your speed against fireflies, catch an insect with chopsticks and pick a koi carp with your bare hands out of the water!

'Ninja Reflex' ask the utmost of your concentration and reaction capacity.Can you become a master ninja?


In Power Rangers: Super Legends you have to save the world from bad criminals.In this game you play with one of the sixteen Power Rangers that have appeared in the multiple Power Ranger series.From the Rangers from the Mighty Morphin era to the new Operation Overdrive team.

Power Rangers: Super Legends is a two-dimensional game with 24 missions packed with battles and parts in which you have to drive vehicles.During these missions you often fight against several enemies at the same time.You defeat this by performing specific attacks with the stylus.You can also compete with the two of you


Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse (los spel)

Product description

Princess Isabella is enchanted with the man of her dreams, Prince Adam.When she comes home from a distant journey, she finds out that a mysterious witch has placed an evil curse on her castle.Because of the curse, the evil is in every room and all the inhabitants have turned into mirrors!

Follow your fairies friend while solving the puzzles and releasing your friends and family, Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse, a wonderful find-and-find adventure.Search the screen for hidden objects and unravel the mystery of Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse!

With more than 20 puzzles in 135 environments, Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse knows how to keep you sweet for hours.In addition, there are 15 mini-games available to ensure the necessary variety!

Save the castle of the evil witch in Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse!


Sight Training (los spel)

Product description

Put your eyesight to work. Sight Training: Enjoy Exercising and Relaxing Your Eyes for the Nintendo DS trains your pupils with fun and fast activities. You only need a few minutes, because a training session is completed in an instant.

With ten basic exercises, which focus on everyday functions such as eye-hand coordination and eye movement, Sight Training presents identification and recognition challenges on the two screens of the DS. You will be asked to tap the correct answers on the touchscreen. Based on your answers, Sight Training gives you an eye age. This is similar to the brain age from the Brain Training series. This way the game determines the virtual age of your vision. The software keeps track of your progress while you train to reach the ultimate eye age of 20 in the game.

The activities in Sight Training succeed in being both simple and challenging. In 'Box Track' a ball is placed in one of three boxes on the touchscreen. The three are then quickly swapped and the intention is that you keep following the box with the ball with your eyes. Then tap the box that you think contains the ball. The 'Number Tap' exercise calls the user to choose from a mix of numbers on the touchscreen the number that corresponds to the number on the top screen.

Sight Training also includes eight sport exercises. These activities take the principles of the basic exercises and place them in recognizable sporting scenarios. For example, the 'Boxing' section (boxing) is placed in the ring with a trainer holding two mitt shoes. You must touch the center of the target before your sparring partner moves it.

After you have trained your eyes for a certain time, the game will automatically switch to a relaxation mode. A friendly voice will guide you through a number of eye relaxation exercises.

- Up to four people can save their eye age data on one Game Card.
- The software covers five aspects of your vision: environmental vision, eye-hand coordination, visual response speed, dynamic visual acuity and eye movement.
- Each training session lasts only 2 to 3 minutes, so it is easy to make them part of your daily activities.

Visual deviations are not corrected by this software.


Spectrobes (los spel)

Spectrobes (loose game)

Product description

A gang of evil space creatures, the Krawl, threaten the universe and there is only one way to stop them, namely bringing the natural enemies of the Krawl back to life: powerful creatures called Spectrobes.You are Rallen, junior officer of the Planetary Patrol and it is your job to trace Spectrobes fossils, after which you dig them up without damaging them and then bring them to life.

When all this is successful, you must carefully feed and train your Spectrobe so that it turns into a trained warrior who is completely ready to teach the Krawl a lesson.The destiny of the universe is in your hands!Each Spectrobes game contains four exclusive code cards.Through innovative use of the Touch Screen, players can use the cards to unlock special creatures and objects.