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With cd + code

with the license code you can download the game via orgins

About the Sims 4:

Each Sim has its own character traits and emotions that also affected by the establishment of the different lots. But the Sims are not only influenced by the establishment, as a player you now have full control over the minds, bodies and hearts of your Sims. The possibilities and combinations are endless and you decide the story!

The possibilities go beyond just choosing a look and character properties for your Sims. The Sims also deserve a roof over their heads and it's up to you to build the most beautiful villas. Design beautiful homes by making use of the many materials and shapes that are offered by the Sims 4. You would, of course, a closet of a house build to impress the other Sims in the same neighborhood!


• The Sims 4 is full of unique physical characteristics, characters and emotions. Make your favorite celebrity in detail after or create an exact copy of yourself. Everything is possible!
• Through the endless possibilities is no more the same Sim! The appearance, dress style, character traits, skills, careers and runs are all.

• The emotions of the Sims are life-like and can be influenced by the actions of the player. For example, your Sim will you let the path as a professional gamer, then there is the chance