Pokémon Boosters en Blisters

Pokémon Boosters en Blisters

The difference between a Boosterpack and a Pokémon Blister

We can imagine that you think that a Pokémon Blister and a Boosterpack are the same, and for the most part they are similar too. A Blister Pack contains booster packs, which can be one or three. However, with a Blister pack you also get a coin and a promo card as an extra. This way you can further expand your collection. You can't know in advance what the contents of a Pokémon Blister pack are, it's always a surprise if you receive the cards you still need.

Pokémon Blister 1-pack or 3-pack

There are two different Blister Packs. You guessed it a 1-Pack or a 3-Pack! The difference is of course in the content. The 1-Pack variant contains 1 pack, a coin and a promo card. If you choose the 3-packs, you will receive (as expected) 3 packs. It is of course also a party to be able to unpack so many cards. Finally, it also has the advantage that it is a lot cheaper than if you purchase individual cards or packs.

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