Second chance Fat bikes

Fat bikes, also known as Fat Tire Bikes, are a type of mountain bike that feature oversized tires. These tires are usually three to four inches wide and provide increased traction, stability, and flotation on soft surfaces like sand and snow. This makes them the perfect bike for riders who want to explore the outdoors in all types of terrain. Fat bikes are also great for commuting in areas where roads are difficult to navigate. They provide an easy and efficient way to get around town. Fat bikes come in a range of sizes to fit different riders, and feature a variety of components for a custom ride. Common components include disc brakes, suspension forks, and wide handlebars for improved control. Fat bikes are designed to be lightweight and durable, making them an ideal choice for any cyclist.


Buying and using E-bikes, Fat bikes and electric scooters comes with some laws and conditions that need to be determined and agreed upon. Always check the government website and regulations that apply to your country.

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